AP gov Unit 5 Study guide

Topics: Elections, Election, Voting system Pages: 4 (1028 words) Published: March 11, 2014
Money and Politics (Parties, Interest Groups, Elections, Public Opinion & the Media)
issue advocacy: unlimited and undisclosed spending by an individual or group on communications that do not use words like “vote for” or “vote against,” although much of this activity is actually about electing or defeating candidates factions: A term used by James Madison and other founders of this country to refer to political parties as well as what we now call special interests or interest groups. interest group: A collection of people who share some

movement: a large body of people interested in a common issue, idea, or concern that is of continuing significance and who are willing to take action on that issue. Movements seek to change attitudes or institutions, not only policies. open shop: a company with a labor agreement whereby union membership cannot be required as a condition of employment closed shop: a company with a labor agreement whereby union membership is a condition of employment free rider: an individual who does not join an interest group representing his or her interests, yet receives the benefit of the influence the group achieves Party Column Ballot: ballot in which all candidates are listed under their party designations making it easy for voters to cast votes for al the candidates of one party (straight ticket voting) Office Block Ballot: ballot in which all candidates are listed under the office for which they are running Nonpartisan: local or judicial election in which party affiliation is not listed on ballots Patronage: the dispensing of government jobs to persons who belong to the winning political party Soft Money: money contributed for party-building purposes that don’t have to be disclosed under federal law Honeymoon: period at the beginning of a new president’s term in which the president enjoys generally positive relations with the press and Congress; usually lasts about 6 months Caucus: meeting of local party members to choose party...
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