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Slides: Christian Worship and Israel’s Worship
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Why This Study?
1.Negatively, the so called “worship wars” taking place in churches. 2. Positively: The need we all feel to develop & deepen our relationship with God. There is a sense in which we feel there is something valuable to be had in worship, and that we’re often not getting it.

An Obscure West Tennessee Author
1¨“Worship does not bring God close to us, it brings us close to God.” 2¨“We might respect many people; we worship God, and God alone.” 3¨“You will not do anything more important today than worship God.”

¨Four Things Isaiah Saw at Worship
1. (6:1-4) God for who he was
2. (6:5) Himself for who he was (with unclean lips)
3. (6:6,7) God’s mercy
4. (6:8) His own responsibilities

Ignorant Worship
¨(17:23) “The unknown (agnostos) God.”
¨“What you worship as unknown (agnostos), I proclaim to you.” ¨(17:30) “The times of this ignorance (agnostos) God overlooked, but now commands all people everywhere to repent.”

Four Things The Athenians Needed to Know About God
1.(17:24) This God was creator of all things, and is not limited to a temple made by human hands. 2.(17:25) He doesn’t need us; we need him.
3.(17:27) He is not far from each of us.
4.(17:30,31) This God will hold all people to account for their actions.

Worship “to be Seen by Men” (Matthew 6:1-18)
Three aspects of worship Jesus says are not to be done “to be seen by men.” 1.(6:2-4) Giving
2.(6:5-15) Prayer
3.(6:16-18) fasting

Three Things a Church Does
(Not necessarily in that order)

¨Three Extremes in Worship
1.Coldly traditional, where participants sit like a bump-on-a-log indifferent. 2.Selfish worship, conducted the way I like, without regard to how my choices affect others. 3.Confusing worship with a Hollywood production. Thus the better the “show,” the better the worship.

¨Six Kinds of Worship Found Today (multiple choice)
1. (Liturgical) – “High church,” formal, ritual.
2. (Traditional) – Still a lot of ritual, less formal
3.**** we are (Revivalist)– Evangelistic, Gospel singing, informal 4. (Pentecostal) – charismatic, highly visible emotions, speaking in tongues. 5. Praise and Worship – contemporary, “praise songs,” tends to be production. 6. “ (Seeker)” Service – also contemporary, designed for the “unchurched”

¨Three Considerations for Our worship:
Our worship should be:
2._Edifying (complete a frase)
3.Above all, _Biblical

¨Three verbs used for “church” (multiple choice)
1. Assemble, gather together – Sunago
2. Come together – erchomai
3. Church, assembly – ekklesia

¨“Church” Used in Two Ways in Scripture
1. The absolute sense, where we are baptized, believers, children of God, brothers and sisters in Christ. 2. As an almost technical term for “assembly.”

¨Three terms for what should happen in worship from Cor. 14:3: 1.“Building up” – oikodome, from the language of construction 2.“Encouragement” – paraklesis, from the language of the court 3.“Consolation” – paramuthia, from the language of friendship

The Things Hebrews 10:19-25 says are supposed to happen at worship (list) 1.We are to “hold fast without wavering” to our convictions. 2.We are to “stir one another up to love and good deeds.” 3.We are to “encourage” each other.

4.We are not to “forsake the assembly.”

¨Spiritual Preparation for Worship
After all, it seems a pity to spend hours getting ready for worship physically, and not even take a moment to prepare spiritually! 1.Make yourself right with your brethren
2.Prepare heart and hands
3.Ask God for help

Spiritual Preparation for Worship
1. Make yourself right with your brethren (Matthew 5:23,24)
2. Prepare your heart and your hands (Psalm 24:3-6; 1 Timothy 2:8) 3. Ask God for Help (Psalm 46:10; 119:18)

Some Ways to Get More Out of Worship (List)
1.Prepare for worship.
2.Bring a Bible & notebook. Look up scriptures,...
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