Corporate Finance Homework - Chapter 4

Topics: Corporate finance, Capital structure, Finance Pages: 6 (1506 words) Published: November 4, 2012
| Corporate Finance2 CreditsBU.231.620.62Thursday 6pm – 9pm, 10/18/2012--12/13/2012Fall2, 2012Columbia, Columbia Center, 218| Instructor
Shabnam Mousavi

Contact Information
Phone Number: (410)234-9450
E-mail Address:

Office Hours
Monday/Thursday 10am-noon
Required Text and Learning Materials
(1) Berk, J. and P. DeMarzo. 2007. Corporate Finance. 2nd Edition. Pearson, Addison-Wesley with MyLab access. The ISBN is 0-13-295-040-5.

(2) Lecture Notes. The lecture notes will be posted weekly on Blackboard, before class.

(3) MyFinanceLab: All homework and quizzes are posted on MyFinanceLab. Instructions available at the end of this syllabus. Course ID: mousavi28617

Blackboard Site
A Blackboard course site is set up for this course. Each student is expected to check the site throughout the semester as Blackboard will be the primary venue for outside classroom communications between the instructors and the students. Students can access the course site at Support for Blackboard is available at 1-866-669-6138.

Course Evaluation
As a research and learning community, the Carey Business School is committed to continuous improvement. Therefore each student must complete the course evaluation as part of the continuous improvement process. Information on how to complete the evaluation will be provided near the end of the course.

Disability Services
Johns Hopkins University and the Carey Business School are committed to making all academic programs, support services, and facilities accessible. To determine eligibility for accommodations, please contact the Carey Disability Services Office at time of admission and allow least four weeks prior to the beginning of the first class meeting. Students should contact Rachel Hall in the Disability Services office by phone at 410-234-9243, by fax at 443-529-1552, or email:

Important Academic Policies and Services
* Honor Code
* Statement of Diversity and Inclusion
* Tutoring
* Carey Writing Center
* Inclement Weather Policy
Students are strongly encouraged to consult the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Student Handbook and Academic Catalog and the School website for detailed information regarding the above items.

Course Description
The goal of this course is to analyze the major decisions of a corporation. The course deals primarily with a firm’s investment and financing decisions and the firm’s interaction with capital markets. Topics include valuation of future cash flows and risk, capital budgeting, capital structure theory, and pay-out theory. Course Overview

About 90% of total revenues in the US economy are generated by corporations. Understanding decision-making within a corporation, whether it is about the choice of investment or about how to raise capital to finance a specific investment, is fundamentally important to understand the key players in today’s economy. This course provides the tools to understand efficient decision-making within a corporation by employing the notion of absence of arbitrage (i.e., the Law of One Price), namely the fundamental principle shaping all aspects of modern finance. While my goal cannot be to make you expert managers in eight weeks, you will be able to evaluate important corporate decisions coherently within the framework of the no-arbitrage principle.

Student Learning Objectives for This Course
All Carey graduates are expected to demonstrate competence on four Learning Goals, operationalized in eight Learning Objectives. These learning goals and objectives are supported by the courses Carey offers. For a complete list of Carey learning goals and objectives, please refer to the website

The learning objectives for this course are:
1. You should be able to price future certain (and uncertain) streams of...
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