Importance of Technical Education

Topics: Education, Secondary education, Secondary school Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: November 16, 2011
The main aim of any education, be it primary education or secondary education or anything thereafter should be to help students to gather knowledge, develop character, develop a never-say-die attitude and hone skill sets which will help them become successful citizens of the world. While primary and secondary education will go a long way in building the moral fabric and attitudinal strengths of students, special skill sets in specified areas of focus is best learnt through special courses which are done usually after a student completes his secondary education. Technical education is a field which takes care of honing and developing special skill sets which ultimately determine the student’s employability or otherwise. Hence for the development of the youth and to make them job-ready, it is highly important to have the best of technical education facilities. Technical education again should teach the student to focus on specific skills after identifying his areas of strength. This is a tough job and calls or close observation of the student. Technical education could be best taught with a combination of classroom sessions and also by taking recourse to online education because this form of education is going to redefine the meaning of education is years to come. Today’s technical education unfortunately is the domain of a select few who are able to afford it. If technical education is to make a big difference to the earning potential of a student, it has to be made more all-encompassing. In the end continuing education beyond the secondary level requires a lot of investment in terms of infrastructure, student facilities, specialized teaching faculties and above all a new approach to teaching. Unless we start seeing the young community as a national asset, things would not change on the ground radically. Change should take place and it should happen fast if we are to see the benefits of education reaching all.
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