Importent Marketing Questions for Interview

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Marketing interview questions

1. Highlight the difference between traditional organization chart and modern customer oriented organization chart. 2. Explain:
a.) Customer Delivered Value
b.) Total customer value
c.) Total customer cost
3. Explain:
a.) Basic marketing
b.) Reactive marketing
c.) Accountable marketing
d.) Proactive marketing
e.) Partnership marketing

4. Draw and explain BCG (Boston Consulting Group) Model.

5. You are asked to write a marketing plan. What will be the major headings under which you will divide the whole plan?

6. What are the qualities of good marketing research?

6. Differentitate between potential market and available market.

7. Explain the difference between trend and fad.

8. Explain the following abbreviations used for target market:


9. What are the major factors influencing the buying behaviour?

10. What are the various stages of buying decision process?

11. Differentiate between business market and consumer market.

12. Explain:

a.) Straight rebuy
b.) Modified rebuy
c.) Systems buying

13. What are the various oraganizational factors influencing the business buyers?

14. What is insitutional selling?

15. Explain:

a.) Pure Monopoly
b.) Oligopoly
c.) Monopolisitic competition
d.) Pure competition

16. What is a strategic group?

17. Explain following types of competitors:

a.) Laid-back competitor
b.) Selective competitor
c.) Tiger competitor
d.) Stochastic competitor

18. List the steps you will take while designing your competitive intelligence system.

19. What is a competitor centered company? What are its main features?

20. What is a customer centered company? What are its main features?

21. Explain:
a.) Mass marketing
b.) Mass marketing

22. What are the benefits of segment marketing over mass marketing?

23. Explain the approach you will...
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