Jesus and the Gospels

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Jesus and the Gospels (Relb 160)
Reading the Gospels in Context
* The World of the Gospels
* Political
* Judea a Colony of Rome- An occupied land
* Comprises of the two southern tribes
* Ruled in the first century by a representative of Rome * Herod Antipas-North
* Pontius Pilate-South
* Local Government-Sanhedrin
* Religious
* Social
* The Literary Backgrounds of the Gospels
* Genre
* Source
* Primarily of the Jewish People
* The Samaritans
* Claimed to be true descendants of Abraham
* Had their own temple and copies of the scriptures
* Viewed as foreigners and heretics by most Jewish people * Diversity of Beliefs and practice in Judaism: Groups in Judaism * Sadducees
* Ruling clan
* Leaders of the temple
* Pharisees
* Presenters of the laws/ teachers
* Educated
* Middle class
* Nicodemes
* Paul
* Jesus of Nazareth
* Essenes
* Separatist: believed they had the only version of the true religion * Monastic clusters
* wilderness
* John The Baptist
* Zealots
* Ancient Judaism
* One of the many religions of the Roman Empire
* Jesus and his disciples were Jews
* The apostle Paul was Jewish
* Both Jesus and Paul belonged to the Pharisaic tradition * Pharisees were responsible for the preservation of the religion * Monotheism
* Hierarchy of supernatural beings
* The Diaspora
* Diaspora: Dispersion
* Jews who lived outside of Jerusalem
* Dispersion began with the foreign domination of Israel * 721 B.C.E.- Assyria took northern kingdom
* 587-586- Babylon took southern kingdom of Judah * In first century there were far more Jews in the diaspora than in Jerusalem. * The Covenant
* Israel is chosen by God through a special pact made with Abraham (Genesis 12) * The Exodus: Based on the Covenant (Exodus 2:24)
* Israel’s salvation is couched in the covenant
* Only Israel had access to Salvation
* The Law
* Torah-guidance/direction
* Pentateuch
* Rules pertaining to cultic and communal life
* Jews did not keep the law to earn favor with God
* Response to God’s gracious favor and election of Israel * Temple
* Temple in the time of Jesus was the second temple * One of the wonders of the ancient world
* Jews from around the world paid an annual tax to support the temple * Holy of Holies
* Place where God dwells
* Empty-no idols
* Center of Jewish Life
* Monument to Jewish separatism
* Took 50 years to build
* Destroyed 7 years its completion

* Literary Backgrounds of the Gospel
* Differences in the Accounts
* Why are the accounts different?
* Time of writing 60-70/80-85/90-95
* Oral tradition
* Were the writers writing history?
* Purpose for writing
* Purpose of stories in antiquity
* Reinforce a lesson rather than recording accurate facts * Story is more valuable when it is oral because that makes is malleable 9/25/12
* Who wrote the gospels?
* Writers did not sign their names
* Anonymous
* Names inserted by Christian leaders in the 2nd century * Mark
* Peter’s Secretary?
* Matthew
* Tax Collector
* Luke
* Paul’s physician
* John
* Fisherman
* Four Portraits of Jesus
* Stories and sayings differ because they are used to paint four different pictures * What are these...
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