Midterm Review to War of 1812

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History 1301
Mid-Term Exam
Review Sheet
Bernal Diaz del Castillo- conquistador; on
Walter Raleigh
first expedition to Cuba, discovered Yucatan

Roanoke Island

coast; third expedition under Cortés,


conquered the Aztecs & wrote an eyewitness

Joint Stock Company

account of the conquest of Mexico by the

Royal Colony

Spaniards for Hernán Cortés.


Nation State- state that self-identifies as

John Smith

deriving its political legitimacy from serving

John Rolfe

as a sovereign entity for a nation as a

House of Burgesses

sovereign territorial unit.


Treaty of Tordesillas- divided the newly


discovered lands outside Europe between


Portugal & Spain; specified line of

Rhode Island

demarcation between the Cape Verde

Roger Williams

Islands (Portuguese) & the islands

First Dutch War

discovered by Christopher Columbus on his

Cromwell’s Navigation Act

first voyage (claimed for Spain)

Dominion of New England

Martin Luther

Glorious Revolution

Henry VIII

Navigation Acts (1-4)

John Calvin

Acts of Trade

Elizabeth I

Writ of Assistance

Church of England

Robert Walpole

Salutary Neglect

Judiciary Act, 1789

Treaty of Paris, 1763

Writ of Mandamus

Grenville Plan

Whiskey Rebellion

Sons of Liberty

Bank of the United States

Stamp Act Congress

Jay’s Treaty

Townshend Revenue Acts

XYZ Affair

Boston Massacre

Judiciary Act, 1801

Tea Act

Midnight Judges

Boston Tea Party

Judicial Review

Continental Congress (1st & 2nd)

Louisiana Purchase

Lexington & Concord

Embargo Act

Declaration of Independence

Non-Intercourse Act

Articles of Confederation

Macon’s Bill #2

Treaty of Paris 1783

War of 1812

Shays’ Rebellion

Treaty of Ghent

Philadelphia Convention
James Madison

Essay Possibilities:


1. Compare Spanish, French and English
colonization efforts
2. British Imperial System
3. Road to Revolution
4. Neutrality and the Coming of the War
of 1812

Federalist Papers


Motivation? 3 G’s: God, Glory, Gold

Treaty of Tordesillas: Pope Alexander VI divided the world (pretty much all new land outside of Europe) between Spain and Portugal in half

France & England- Conquering America

France: Catholic nation-state
o Pissed since Treaty of Tordesillas left them with nothing
o Want to colonialize Americas too; pursues the Northwest Passage, a route up over north of Americas which avoids other direct routes from everyone else. Problem was, so cold water is usually ice.

o Motivation? 3 F’s!

Fish: warm waters of Atlantic good for fishing

Faith: bring Christianity to native Indians; but gave them a choice whereas the Spanish forced Indians to convert or they’d kill them; so French got along with Indians better than Spanish did. But all wasn’t nice and sweet. French had certain tribes they liked, some they didn’t. Actually started “scalping”- was a way for them to keep Indian alliances with them. So if they didn’t like tribe A, they’d tell another tribe B that didn’t like tribe A either “if you kill anyone from tribe A, prove it to us by showing us th eir scalp, and we’ll pay you”

Fur: (beavers- noticed that the beaver, a mammal, is able to keep warm even swimming in icy cold waters, so had idea that if we wear fur around

our heads, etc we may stay warm too. Then became a fashion hit) French made tons of $ and also traded this with Indians; FUR was what made discovery of new land worthwhile; established France as a colonial power in the Americas

o Upset by Treaty of Tordesillas too, so want to try colonialism too o Motivation? 1 M

Mercantilism- goal to make $. See PIC: basically colony trades raw materials (ie. Wood, timber for ships) to England, and England trades finished goods back to colonies. Since...
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