Political Science 106 Test 3 Crothers

Topics: Political party, Politics, Elections Pages: 4 (949 words) Published: December 4, 2012
--Role of media in political life: Media mediates, informs the public about political news, sometimes biased. --Frankfurt School: schools of social criticism in Germany can propaganda change people’s minds? --Goal/purpose of media: overall purpose is to inform the public about relevant social/political news --Media Bias—Conservative, liberal, other? The extent to which news outlets report the news biased in favor of a target audience based on demographics; different media outlets have different political views, consciously report based on those views. --Different roles/biases of different media types?: Bias depends on demographics/how they are run --How politicians use media: Control what media shows, how they are portrayed, free/paid ads --How public use media: public has same opportunity to use media to support their belief, free media more often Sources of media behavior

Effects of media in social/political life
--Free: Social media/internet
--Paid media TV ads, high budget for these
Media/internet campaign
--Spin: A way for political figures to make themselves look better for the public. --Types of Advertising
--Positive: Why I’m great; support me
--Contrast: I’m good; other person isn’t
--Negative advertising: Why the other person is horrible.
--Inoculation advertisement: Pre-apology, oops forgive me ad --Sound bites: brief descriptions/comments, usually used to be dramatic --Gov’t regulation of the media: Owners limits, fairness doctrine, equal access (in effect), equal time (in effect) --Sample: Subset of people that you actually ask

--Population: Everyone’s opinion you seek to know
--Public opinion: measured preferences of people’s thoughts about an issue --Sampling error (Understand/interpret): margin or error that accounts for people who misrepresent their beliefs on an issue --Micro-targeting: allows campaigns to tailor their messages to various groups very carefully. --Liberals (L H) Libertarians (L L) Conservatives (H L) Populists (H...
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