Soc Week 5

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Soc 300 Week Five
For this week's discussion, go back through all of the material that we have covered so far.  Pick one article, theory, or concept to summarize.  In your summary, make sure you include the textbook the item is found in (Handelman or "Developing World"), the corresponding page numbers, and the article or chapter that the item is in.  

1)   This exam is in multiple choice and T/F format.  There are a total of 50 questions covering both textbooks.  30 questions are from the assigned readings in the “Developing World” text, and the remaining 20 will be from the chapters you have read so far in the Handleman textbook.  

2)   The exam is worth 210 total points – with each question worth 4 to 5 points each  
3) You will have 3 hours to complete the exam once you begin.  You cannot save it and come back to it later.  It must be done in one sitting.  
4)  You may use your notes and books for the test – it is OPEN book.  
5)  Grades for the exam will be displayed later in the week.  You will be able to review your completed test (along with the correct answers) in the gradebook after that.

Week 1: Chapter 1: Understanding Underdevelopment, Developing World articles #1,4,12 Week2: Chapter 2: Democratic Change and the Change to Democracy, Develping World articles #2, 27, 35 Week 3 Chapter 3: Relgiion and Politics, Developing World articles #31 and 33 Week 4 Chapter 4: The Polictics of Cultural Pluralism and Ethinc Conlfict, Articles #21, 22, and 26 Good luck!

Discussion 1: Islam and Christianity Made Visual  
* Considering that calligraphy and mosaic are visual representations of religious belief, compare and contrast Islamic calligraphy at Alhambra and Dome of the Rock to Christian mosaics at Ravenna. What do you think each art form communicates about the religion it represents?
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