The Best Choice of Our Lives-Essay

Topics: Jesus, Religion, Islam Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: June 9, 2013
'The Best Choice Of Our Lives'
Had you ever found yourself at the
corner crying, begging for any
solution to your problems? Or
attending the church service bearing
hesitation that your prayers will not
be answered the time you need
it? Don't be so anxious to that, God
has already provided all we need
just before we beg for it through
Grace of God, which is Jesus Christ.
He gives food during starvation,
provides rain during drought and
imparts calmness of mind for those
who are confused and weary. It was
actually given already indeed,
nevertheless, if we don't believe it
then it will not manifest, like a pre-
ordered buffet on a restaurant,
waiting to be claimed and no one
could claim that but only us, as it
was named after us. On the other
hand, buffet expires but God's Grace
does not. There always some other
options for we to choose but there
is always a Grace option, at first or
many times we might took Him for
granted, the next set of options
includes a Grace option too. That's
how great our God's Grace! Grace
always tells us that it was never too
late because by the time we receive
and believe Him, our lives will
change instantly. The blessings will
now be visible to our eyes,
echoing to our ears, chills our
nerves and enlighten our minds.
are all to happen, as we believe and
receive the Grace of God, Jesus
Christ and His perfect work at the
A great man once declared, ''I do
not at all understand the mystery of
Grace - only that it meets us where
we are but does not leave us where
it found us.'' Guess who said it, it
was Mahatma Gandhi! A
non-christian influential man, who
was killed while teaching and
fighting equipped with only his
words of wisdom against the
of their country. A man who had no
idea what the bible portrays;
however, in spite of that, he knew
the Grace of God, he knew Jesus. If
a leader of other religion could do
it, there is more we can do. We
can do what...
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