Topics: High school, Homosexuality, Multiculturalism Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Thesis Statement
Tolerance, it is a form of acceptance and from a young age we are taught to tolerate that of which we do not agree with. This can be a variety of issues in the world of today such as: Homosexuality, politics, religion, race, etc. and because of this it has been leading to increased violence within our population. I feel a tolerance class may be the key to lowering violent acts in our schools and population by teaching people to be tolerant simply disagreeing with another’s choice but living with the idea.

My research process for this topic in order for my ‘big idea’ to be taken seriously is to really research non-biased websites for any information on the history of rising violence in our communities and schools do to: homosexuality, race, gender, cultures, economical status and just being yourselves. I feel non-biased facts are better to pitch an idea so the topic does not seem one sided. I will use websites that have very accurate studies done on these specific types of violent acts along with the non-violent protest. I will use the building of the mosque in New York city as an example of race, culture, and hate, Homosexual hate crimes in high school, and racism in the population. I feel these would be the best in the world of today to research for my “big idea” because they are the main reasons for the tolerance class I am trying to pitch.

Violence and protest in the American population due to religion, sexual preference, race, and culture. We as Americans live in a country that is a melting pot of different backgrounds and one thing that this country has always had a problem with is tolerance with others. In our high schools suicide is on the rise due to bullying and this bullying is done because of the issues I just stated along with protest against our military, gay marriage, and equal rights. This is a disgrace and a waste of energy making this great country look bad. This must be stopped and in order to due so a class should be...
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