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1. Memorize the 10 commandments in order—gods, idol, vain, Sabbath, parents, murder, adultery, steal, false testimony, covet 2. Be able to explain commandments 6-10 in detail with supporting material 3. Explain the difference between killing and murder for biblical Hebrews—kill as in war, slay as in premeditated murder 4. Carefully explain the meaning of the two Hebrew words: Harag means kill(Exodus 2:14): Ratsah means murder(Exodus 20:13)

5. Identify both examples of judgment from Joshua 7:19-21—God’s punishment on Achen and his family: Numbers 16:1-4—Korah’s rebellion 6. Explain how [without intent or unaware] applies to slaying a person in light of the Hebrew word – Ratsah—with intent, the person is guilty of murder, in some cases unintentional death can even hold someone responsible 7. Explain Lex Talionis from the literally and historical point of view—Eye for an eye, e.g. Principle of retaliation was used to keep peace 8. Review the New Testament passages on War and Armed Combat—Love your enemies, etc. 9. Review the history of the Just War Theory

10. Explain carefully the Just War Theory--
1. War should only be fought to secure justice and to re-establish peace 2. War must be conducted under the direction of the main ruler with an attitude of love 3. Promises to the opposition should be honored:

A. Non-combatants respected (women & children etc.)
B. No massacre, looting or burning
4. Those engaged in God’s service (ministers, etc.) were exempt from battle 5. The non-violent approach was encouraged until war seemed necessary 11. Review the class discussion on the subject of MURDER & MILITARY COMBAT, CONSCIENTIOUS OBJECTOR, & SUICIDE—Matthew 18:6—cause little one to stumble, better to be drowned 12. Define Old Testament adultery and its background—sexual union with to whom someone you are not...
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