10 Images of Politics

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Study Guide for People and Politics Test
|1. What is politics? |Competition for power or leadership in government | |2. Why is the U.S. said to have a two-party system? |one of the two major parties has always been in power | |3. List two advantages of the two-party system. |both parties have experience in running government | | |it’s easier to get a majority in the electoral college | | |party policies are designed to appeal to most people | |4. What is a disadvantage of the two-party system? |minority viewpoints do not get a strong voice | |5. Which ideology would think government programs are needed to | liberal | |help the poor? | | |6. Which ideology would favor change including more government | liberal | |involvement? | | |7. Which ideology goes with reducing government for more growth | conservative | |of businesses? | | |8. Which party usually avoids extremes and tries to appeal to | Both Republican and Democrat | |moderates? | | |9. Which party tends to be liberal and which party tends to be | Democrats -- liberal | |conservative? |Republicans -- conservative | |10. Which type of party has never won a presidential election? | Third party | |11. List three ways that third parties may affect elections. |they can act as spoilers by diverting some votes | | |they may cause major candidates to alter their views | | |they usually focus on one or two specific issues | |12. Why are third parties called “third parties”? |no matter how many there are, third parties challenge the two major parties | |13. What is an issue? | A topic of current discussion or debate | |14. What is a position plank? | Political party’s ideas about dealing with an issue | |15. What is a platform? |Political party’s statement of its goals and positions on the issues | |16. List four functions of political parties. |recruiting and nominating candidates | | |educating the public about campaign issues...
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