21 Century

Topics: Hong Kong, Film, Entertainment Pages: 2 (468 words) Published: March 16, 2014
In 21 century, we have different kinds of entertainment like watching films and television shows. The films and television shows are either made in Hong Kong or other countries. Those made in Hong Kong are closely related to our daily life and make us feel warm. On the other hand, those made in other countries obtain many special effects that make us feel exciting. Nevertheless, I prefer watching films and television shows that make in Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, TVB produce different types of television shows. For examples, drama and variety shows. They are interesting and wonderful. I like the drama the most. There are two reasons. Firstly, the drama is closely related to our life. A drama names ‘Be Home For Dinner’ is about within a family, there must be argue, but there is always a solution for us to solve the problem. In my family, I always argue with my father and it is quarrelsome. In the end, I will apologize and we become reconciled. In this case, I understand this drama more easily and my father and I feel very interesting because the characters in the drama act like us and the plot is compelling. Secondly, the drama can increase my understanding towards the jobs in Hong Kong. Forensic Heroes is a Hong Kong police procedural television drama produced by TVB. In this drama, there is job names forensic pathologist. This job is new to most ordinary citizens because we never hear this job before. After watching this drama, I know that if we want to be a forensic pathologist, we must have a great unique view on human nature and familiar with the structure of various firearms. Besides, I like this type of films because I think it is distinctive. Last week, I watched a film names ‘Nightfall’ This file is a crime thriller film. I think the plot of this film is fantastic. The film builds up suspense. The audiences are always required to guess who the murderer is while they are watching. This makes the entire audience feel nervous and exciting. Also, Nick Cheung...
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