3 Things you may have Overlooked

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9663 Things you may have Overlooked
This is an evangelistic talk that works best with adults and teenagers, but can also be used for older children (it may not work very well with young children). It is based on an idea once used in a business/marketing course. If you know your alphabet and can count from one to ten then, in theory, you shouldn't have much difficulty carrying out the simple task I'm going to give you. In a few moments I'm going to use the overhead projector to put a short sentence on the screen. You will have ten seconds to read it through, and count the number of times the letter "F" is used in the sentence. Don't say anything while the words are on the screen, and don't tell your answer to anyone else - keep it to yourself. At this point the sentence shown below is projected onto the screen. The words must be printed and arranged exactly as shown for it to work (use a simple bold font such as "Ariel" and include the box around the text). After ten seconds the overhead projector is switched off.

Now here's the interesting part. You all counted the number of times the letter F appeared in the sentence. Remember, don't tell anybody else your answer.You may have a different answer than other people, but keep to the number you counted. Raise your hand if you counted just one letter F (probably nobody). Now raise your hand if you counted two (maybe one or two). OK so how many counted three? (at this point the vast majority should raise their hand). OK that's good! By the way, is there anybody who thought they saw four? . . . five? . . . six? . . . seven? (It is possible that a few may raise their hand for four, five or six, but don't stop - just pass quickly on). OK, one or two have different answers, but I think it's clear that almost everbody agrees there were three." Now let's look at it again (switch on the overhead projector). I want everybody to keep silent while we go through it. I'm sure everybody spotted the first letter F (point to the...
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