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TV is the major distraction in the life of a student today. These days students find an easy way to spend time by watching TV and are less interested in reading. In fact, reading is becoming a thing of the past. It also causes harm to the eyes and ears. Concentration power of a child decreases by watching TV. Watching TV involves only eyes and ears. The students are not taking part in outdoor activities because of TV. Watching TV also makes them couch potatoes. Confined to the ac rooms watching TV is making their health and mind suffer. They are getting deprived of fresh air and atmosphere. They are also getting devoid of healthy outdoor life. Watching TV hours should be restricted to educational programmes like discovery and national geographic. One or two entertaining programmes in a week is sufficient for a child. A BOON has been defined as a benefit enjoyed; a thing to be thankful for; a blessing. A bane is a thing that ruins or spoils; a deadly poison. In the light of our brief review of just a few aspects of the question, can television be considered a bane or a boon, a curse or a blessing? TV Can Be a Boon

There can be little doubt that many persons consider TV to be a boon. A great number of elderly, sick or handicapped people would not be without it. TV has become their main source of company and companionship. Few people would deny that television has done much to arouse interest in the news, in what is going on locally and worldwide. It has broadened people’s minds and opened up new horizons for them. Tele viewers are less inclined to have a parochial outlook. This is all to the good and something to be thankful for. Television can also be very educational, bringing a wide range of knowledge to people who have never had the opportunity to study or travel. Finally TV has brought shows, operas, plays, ballets and symphony orchestras into the homes of the poor
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