Academy Schools

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Academ y Schools

W hat is an Academ y School?
Academy Converters –
Academy converters are usually high performing schools
which opt out of local Authority control to gain
Traditional Academies –
Usually existing poorly performing state schools which are
given a new provider through unis, educational charities
and businessman (who don’t gain any profit)
We will be looking at the Academy Converters in more

Age Range?
▪ Academy schools can vary mostly being Secondary
Schools the age varies from 4 years of age – 18 yoa. (411 for primary) (11 – 18 for secondary)

H ow are they run?
▪ The schools governing body signs a funding agreement
with the Government and are independent from the local
▪ Outstanding schools go through a rapid approval process. All ‘Outstanding’ approved schools can apply to the

A cad em y Leg islation

▪ Under academy arrangements, academies are free from many of the regulations governing maintained schools. As such,
academies are free to determine term times, set the length of a school day and to determine their own curriculum, in addition to many more freedoms. Legislation, such as the Academies Act
2010, contains provisions specific to academies .

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