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Ifeoluwa Kawonise
BIBL 110-003
Acts 1-15 Chapter Questions Chapter 1: Why did the eleven disciples have to cast lots?  Chapter 2: Is it everyone that is baptized that will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit? Chapter 3: Peter healed a lame man without faith from the lame man. How is this possible?  Chapter 4: Why did the elders and teachers of the law threaten Peter and John Chapter 5: Why did Ananias and Sapphira die? 

Chapter 6: Why did members of the synagogue hate signs and wonders? Chapter 7: Why was Stephen stoned to death? 
Chapter 8: Did Phillip literally disappear?
Chapter 9: Why did the Jews try to kill Saul?
Chapter 10: Why did God tell Peter to go to Cornelius' house? Chapter 11: Why did Barnabas look for Saul?
Chapter 12: Why did the people call Herod a god?
Chapter 13: Why did Saul change his name to Paul?
Chapter 14: Why was Paul stoned? 
Chapter 15: Why did Barnabas take Mark with him?

James Prayer Journal  Oh Lord, help me to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, so that I will not sin against you. Grant me faith with deeds because faith without deeds is useless. Let my tongue be used to glorify you and not to curse others. Help me to be humble and lift me up above my peers. Help me to be righteous and wait patiently for you. 

James Prayer Reflections  After writing the prayer journal, I went into the bathroom to pray. This was because I didn't want to disturb my roommate. I asked God to grant me the grace to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry because I realized that I was guilty of this. I asked The Lord for faith with deeds because as humans, we naturally believe only the things we see. I prayed to The Lord to anoint my tongue so that it won't be used wrongly. I prayed for humility because I...
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