Advantages and Disadvantages of Television to Children

Topics: High school, Elementary school, Year Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: April 21, 2011
Having your children close in age can have its pros and cons. When they are young, your life is very busy. Some people say it is harder than having twins because twins are always at a similar stage in life. They are in diapers at the same time whereas with two children close in age, one might be potty training while the other is still in diapers. Just as with twins they will both be drinking formula or learning to eat soft foods at the same time but those close in age might be at different stages so you are trying to bottle feed one while the other is learning to eat the soft foods.

There are definitely pluses when it comes to having children who are close in age. They say that if they are less than eighteen months apart, one will never remember a time when the other was not there. This doesn't, however, guarantee a close relationship between the siblings. The plus when they are young is that they always have a playmate. Even with the age difference, they are pretty likely to be interested in similar things and similar shows. If they are the same sex, there is also the plus of re-using the clothing of the first child for the second and having them share a room. Double strollers are amazing! Doesn't leave much storage room for shopping purchases though!

School plays and shows can be a breeze when your children are just a grade apart. You get to see two for the price (and time) of one. However, if it is a classroom event it can be a challenge to be in two classrooms at the same time. It does happen.

Remember to take pictures of each child separately. It sounds obvious but because they are probably together alot but when they are older they might want to see what each of them looked like and have pictures of just them.

When it comes to the school years, it is likely that they will only be a grade apart. That is a plus for a Mom or Dad who choose to drive the children to school because there will ever only be one year where they have to...
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