Age of Reason

Topics: Christianity, New Testament, Religion Pages: 3 (1055 words) Published: March 25, 2014
Age of Reason Essay
In the book Age Of Reason, Tomas shares his and analysis on religion, mainly the, Christian and church. There is no the great and influence that these three have had on the of societies the. Pain argues that, to develop and hierarchy in and, have made up all religions. The churches do this by an authoritative truth about life that is in books that have been written by people on the word of authoritative truth is the only truth for those who truly faith in such, and to challenge it or even question it is challenging the word of god. Therefore, those who loyally practice their religion are unswervingly giving up their personal freedom to think and without worry of challenging their church’s authority; and have revelations, as the Book of your church has provided the revelations for you.

Pain spends of the time, justifying these claims by finding several in the books. These will be separated into categories: empirical falsehoods, factual contradictions, and logistical fallacies.
The New Testament claims that the Virgin became without (pg 16). This is a example of falsehood, no woman can conceive a hild first having sex a man. Noone can, so words of the marry by those who what they know of, and accept the conception.

Another falsehood occursin the Testament whenSatan in the form of a snakeor serpent in conversation with Eve, convincing her to eat out of the tree (pg). Factually, no animal has ever to a human, no one person can damn all people. It is questionable that would appear as an animal is very much feared by people, a snake, and still is able to convince Eve to eat from the fruit.

In the Old Testament, it is said that that Moses was buried, and where he was buried. Paraphrasing Paine, it is not clear whom the author is referring to when they sat that “he” buried Moses, and provides the location (pg 55). Moses is the person that heard the word of god, and wrote the Old Testament. If someone else wrote that part, it was not god...
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