Agent Orange: The Untold Story

Topics: Vietnam War, Agent Orange, Polychlorinated dibenzodioxins Pages: 4 (1537 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Agent Orange: The Untold Story.
The Vietnam War was beyond doubt a devastating incident. Thousands of people died in this war because of the bombings, but bombing wasn't the only strategy used by the U.S. Government to get rid of “communist vietnamese,” nor communist the only people affected in this war. We are aware of all of those people who died in the Vietnam War and we admire its veterans, but we don't consider all of the people that the government left behind after drastically changing their lifes. I'm talking not only about vietnamese, but also about all of those veterans whom the Government turned its back to after they loyally served to it. It is such an impact the tragedy that represented and continues to be for all of those unfortunates who didn't die, but were severely harmed by one of the so called Rainbow Herbicides: Agent Orange. And the worst part of it is that many of its victims weren't even aware of its existance.

Most people are not aware of what Rainbow Herbicides are and the purpose U.S. Government has to them. The U.S. Military sprayed over 19 million of a mixture of different Rainbow Herbicides during the “Operation Ranch Hand,”such as White, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple and Orange, though among them, Agent Orange was the most popular.[i] The principal purpose of Agent Orange was to expose enemy troops hidden in the jungles of Nam by killing its vegetation and making them go to open areas. It was sprayed over the jungles, and once the dioxin reached the forests of South Asia, they dry to death. This defoliant was developed during World War II at the University of Chicago, by Proffessor E.J. Kraus. He discovered that the growth of plants could be regulated through the infusion of hormones, though this procedure could kill vegetation by causing plants a sudden, uncontrolled growth. In other words, it was like giving the plants cancer.[ii]

The main effects of this dioxin were clearly stated, and still, the U.S. Government decided to use it...
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