Alpine Ecosystem

Topics: Vietnam War, Vietnam, Cold War Pages: 3 (643 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Australian History Glossary: Australia in the Vietnam War Era

Subject Specific Terminology

Place the following terms next to their correct definition in the table below:

Democracy, Robert Menzies, Domino Theory, Arms Race, ANZUS Pact, Capitalism,

Ho Chi Minh, Moratorium, Communism, Soviet Union, Viet Cong, SEATO, Indochina,

Propaganda, Vietnamisation, Edward ‘Gough’ Whitlam, Political Asylum, Defoliant, Viet Minh,

‘Reds under the bed’, Lyndon B. Johnson, Guerrilla Warfare, Cold War, Conscientious Objector,

Veteran Pacifists, Conscription, the Petrov Affair,

Term Definition

| Australia’s longest serving Prime Minister. He was in office for 17 years and represented the liberal party| | Anti communist alliance formed between Australia, New Zealand and the United States in 1951.| | Refers to Australia’s fear of Communism. Australians were scared because many of the countries in South East Asia were becoming Communist and that meant that we could face problems in the future. Some people were even worried that Australia could become a Communist country, with some Australians joining communist parties.| | A political issue involving Communist Russian spies in Australia. In 1954, Vladimir Petrov, a Russian diplomat gave himself up as a spy and asked if he could live in Australia if he promised to give up the names of other Russian Spies living here. His wife, Evdokia, was not given the same treatment and was forced to return to Russia with Russian police (KGB).| |...
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