Amer Govt Presidential Candidate Paper

Topics: Voting, Elections, Democracy Pages: 4 (749 words) Published: December 8, 2014
 TO: Ludacris Bridges
DATE: November 28, 2014
Dear Mr. Bridges,
Now that you have been declared the nominee for the Democratic Party for 2016, I would like to start out by letting you know that our Consulting Firm has worked with a number of first time political candidates in the past, they all have a lot in common and the biggest things is “No first time candidate is as ready as they think they are.” Next I would like to lay out a Strategic Plan that we have worked out for your candidacy. Here is an outline on the subjects we will work on: Voter Mobilization:

As a Democratic Candidate we need to focus on the Young voters, Young people need nuts-and-bolts practical information about how to vote. And efforts that make voting more convenient are quite effective. One way to attempt this is we can conduct an experiment in which high school and college students can be taught to use a voting machine which could possibly help raise the turnout dramatically, another way would be to make sure the voting process easier for them. We should also focus on the ethnic and immigrant youth, be sure that in these neighborhoods we send out volunteers of the same ethnicity because the most trusted messenger is someone who looks like the potential voter.

The media can sway people who are uncommitted or have no strong opinion in the first place. Since these voters often decide elections results, the power of media in elections can be very substantial for us and our run for presidency. One way to use the media to our advantage would be to hold a rally which is designed to show potential voters spontaneous excitement. In the rallies we can have campaign workers and volunteers make homemade signs, we can have the crowds made up of campaign workers and volunteers also so that the TV cameras don’t capture an empty room. Some volunteers can be dressed to appear to be moms and dads, factory workers and teachers. Another way we will focus on attracting the media...
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