Amusing Political Parties

Topics: Political party, Politics, Elections Pages: 2 (834 words) Published: December 16, 2012
In April of this year a law which simplifies a registration of political parties was adopted in Russia. In this respect, political activism of Russian citizens is expected to increase. Surely, mass media have taken this news not without hint of irony. Some of them printed the sarcastic issues by referring to the recent past of Russia when a lot of parties with funny names existed or even by making an overlook on recently formed organizations which would like to be formalized as official political parties. I’ve read one amusing issue in the ‘Moscow news’(“Moskovskie novosti”) newspaper and decided to tell you about the most funny political parties of the world.

1. The party of beer lovers, Russia. It’s the most widespread among the weirdest ones. It exists in Belarus, Ukraine, Poland as well. In Russia it was created in 1993 and even took a part in the Parliamentary elections in 1995 and got 0,62% of votes. In their program they said that both beer lovers and one who want to assert NOT to drink it may attach themselves to this party. In 1998 this party didn’t apply to re-registration, but in 2011 rumours that there are some willing to revive it appeared on the Internet. 2. The sex party, Australia.

It was established in 2008. That was caused by the Government’s decision to restrict an access to the Internet-resources on the sexual theme. The founder of this party if Fiona Patten, the head of the national community Eros Association, that deals with market promotion of adult commodities. She maintains that sex is equal to food consumption – there is nothing to be afraid or ashamed of. The main slogan is ‘we’re serious about sex’, and main suggestions are: permission of same-sex marriages’ registration, implementation of sex-education, and lobbying interests of the erotic goods producers. 3. The Admirers of women party, Ukraine. (партия любителей женщин). Павел Зибров нар.артист. The members of this party have an obligation to be always courteous with...
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