An Assessment on the Effects of Television on the Youth Research Background Television Is Invented for the Purpose of Sharing the Information, and If Not, at Least for the Entertainment. the Family Who Use Has a Ritual

Topics: Television, Gender role, Ambient noise level Pages: 3 (847 words) Published: June 13, 2011
An Assessment on the Effects of Television on the Youth
Research Background
Television is invented for the purpose of sharing the information, and if not, at least for the entertainment. The family who use has a ritual in sitting in front of television while watching television might share their point of views but can affect the appetite of the children. The viewers that can be more affected by watching television are the children or youth. This is commonly noticed while the children or youth are alone in the comfort of their home and boredom knocks in. Based on the previous cases studied by the researchers, there are two opposing effects in watching television – positive and negative effects. Statement of the Problems

There are two problems identified in the study
1. What are the effects of television on youth particularly on their cognitive and social development? 2. What are the contributed factors of television regarding the determination of attention disorder? Research Aims and Objectives

The main aim of the study is to investigate the effects of television on youth. In order to provide the information needed, there are objectives that can help the researchers to align their findings. First is to determine the issues among the youths of today. Second is to relate the link of television on the identified behaviors. Third is to recognize the perception of parents and youth regarding the television. And fourth is to understand the government actions in reducing the negative impacts identified for the good of the youth. Research Questions

There are four relative questions that can be used to assess the impact of television on youth. 1. What are the common issues of youth in which makes the growing problems of parent? 2. What are the observed effects in watching television? 3. What are the perceptions of parents regarding the television program that the youths are watching at home? 4. Is there any governmental policy that...

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