An Introduction to Performance Based Management

Topics: College, High school, Primary education Pages: 3 (715 words) Published: December 27, 2012
SESDP: Overview

The Government of Bangladesh with the assistance of ADB has undertaken the project titled Secondary Education Sector Development Project (SESDP) for a period of six and a half years (January 2007-June 2013). The overall objective of the project is to contribute to poverty reduction in Bangladesh by improving the quality and relevance of secondary education to the demands of labor market. The project has three components which are: Com. -1 Strengthened accountability and transparency in secondary education; Com. -2 Enhanced quality of secondary education and Com.-3 Improved equity of access to secondary education. The sub-components of the project are : Com. -1 : (i) Increasing decentralization of management responsibilities; (ii) Improving transparency in the financing of institutions & (iii) Strengthening human resource management; Com.-2 : (i) Revising curricula; (ii) Supporting the implementation of national examination reform; (iii) Strengthening student assessment and (iv) Strengthening SMCs & Com. -3 : (i) Assisting underserved areas and overcrowded schools; (ii) Developing model madrashas and (iii) Providing stipend to poverty targeted groups.

PBM: Background

The SESDP, under the com-1, supports in developing and implementing a Monitoring Quality Assurance (MQA) system in secondary schools and madrashas . The purpose of MQA system is to monitor the performance of the institution and thereby identify the key factors contributing to quality education. For assessing the performance of the institution, the MQA system integrates the use of Performance Based Management (PBM) system.

The concept of introducing school performance-based management started in 1998 when the government initiated a strategy to link the performance of schools to government subventions which pay 100 percent of the salary cost for teachers in non-government schools and madrasahs. In 2000, under the Secondary...
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