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Sharapova Venera, gr.041
Three and - an Extra
The text under study belongs to the pen of the famous writer Rudyard Kipling. He was born in 1865. He was an English short-story writer, poet and novelist. He is chiefly remembered for his tales for children and poems of British soldiers in India. Also Kipling is best known for his works of fiction, including «Jungle Book», «Just So Stories», «Kim», many short stories, including «The Man Who Would Be King», and his poems: «Mandalay», «Gunga Din», «The Gods of the Copybook Headlings» and etc. "Three and - an Extra" is the earliest appearance in Kipling's books of the character Mrs. Hauksbee. It was first published in the Civil and Military Gazette on November 17, 1886, and first in book form in Plain Tales from the Hills, in 1888. It reports a defeat of "the clever, witty, brilliant and sparkling" Mrs. Hauksbee by Mrs. Cusack-Bremmil - in the former's predatory pursuit of Mr. Cusack-Bremmil. The story begins with words which addresses for us, that after marriage arrives a reaction, sometimes a big, sometimes a little one; but it comes sooner or later, and must be tided over by both parties if they desire the rest of their lives to go with the current.. The story takes place somewhere in India in the family of Cusack-Bremmils. Three years had passed by and Mrs. Bremmil got pregnant, but her child died. It was difficult time for her. Her husband tried to overcome the tragedy together, but very soon he met Mrs. Hauksbee. Mr.Bremmil ,with his new lover, had some meetings. Then Mrs. Bremmil was told about her husband’s secret and she realized that she couldn't do anything. In some moment, couple were invited to the party. Mrs. Bremmil refused the invitation, because she was still upset by her child's death, but she told her husband that it needed not stop him. Surprisingly, he was quick to accept the offer, noting that his visit would be strictly formal. By the appointed date, Mrs. Bremmil put on her best outfit and...
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