Ancient societies

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oWhat are the differing roles of the king in each society? How does this relate to the role of the individual? oWhat kind of relationship do the individuals in these societies have with the local deities? oDo any of these societies, as described in your textbook, admit the individual to an afterlife?

It seems that since the beginning of time, people have been in disagreement about one thing or another. In my opinion some of the most heated disputes have been about the creation of mankind, religion, and government. In this paper I will discuss the differences in the early civilization of the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and the Old Testament.

According to the myth, Enuma Elish, everything began with the two watery masses named Apsu and Tiamat that begat all other gods. Because the gods had become unruly their parents decided; unsuccessfully, to eradicate them. The gods had won the war, destroyed their parents and decided that they no longer wanted to work. Thus humans were created to carry out the god's labor.

When it comes to the creation of man, Egyptians and Mesopotamians are in somewhat of an in agreement. They both believe gods were brought about from two bodies of water and those gods were responsible for human existence. One Egyptian myths proclaimed that man came into existence from the teardrop of the god Atum,("Creation: How The World Was Created In The Eyes Of The Egyptian", n.d.). While another myth states that Khnum, created mankind on a pottery wheel("Egypt Creation Myth: Heliopolis Version", 2012).

Unlike the Egyptians and Mesopotamians, who believed in a multitude of gods, the Old Testament refers to a singular God, who is responsible for all creation. In the Old Testament of the bible, it is said the God created the first man, Adam, in his own image from dust. The first woman, Eve, was created from one of Adam's ribs as he lie asleep.

Gods, although a common belief for all three subjects, are unseen and unheard. People...
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