Andrew Jackson Research Paper

Topics: Political campaign, Politics, Democratic Party Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: October 23, 2011
I argue that Andrew Jackson changed the way that politicians run and campaign and they way they portray themselves to the public eye.
This paper will demonstrate this argument by showing how Andrew Jackson smothered his competition on his way into office.
Andrew Jackson was the first to really build a campaign team of supports, which would later be called the Democratic Party. Some of his supports were skilled political organizers who worked to create a network of campaign committees, and organize events in Jackson’s behalf. Andrew Jackson also had a group of journalist and editors to write in new papers and things in support of him and also to put down the competition.

Some found his tactics to being elected were dirty at the time even thou they are widely used today. In both Andrew Jackson’s and Quincy Adams, his opponent, campaigns they put down the other. Rumors and nasty things about opponents surfaced the media. The campaigns were passed on tactics and personalities rather than issues that concerned the people.

Andrew Jackson is also largely responsible for bringing about the two-party system that is in place today. With his team of supports and strong opposition to his competition brought about the Democratic Party. This party system forced people to choose sides, or parties.

In conclusion, Andrew Jackson changed politics in American. He changed the way people ran for presidency. He did this with many new tactics that were seemed to be harsh at the time but many of them are taken up today. He was about charisma and personalities and putting away the opponent. He was also responsible for bringing about a two-party system much like the one we use today.
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