Antisocial Networking, children and technology

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19 June 2014
Antisocial Networking: Children and Technology
In the NY Times Article “Antisocial Networking” by Hilary Stout explains how friendships with teens and pre-teens develop through technology. Today’s teenagers develop their friendships through cell phones, text, instant messaging, and social media instead of face to face time. Technology is also affecting their behavior. It is a major influence in kids these days. Children are often left to sit and play with their IPad, watch television on their own, and listen to music. Children age 8-18 tend to spend an average of 7-8 hours a day using an electronic device. In teens these electronic devices end up becoming an obsessive behavior. They have strong feelings when the devices are taken away or no longer work and causes them to have an “anxiety” like attack. It is easier to control smaller children to the exposure of these devices because they are easier to handle. Technology is a major influence on kids. They mimic the behavior that are in the media. In today’s fast-pace society children are growing up very quickly at an alarming rate and experiencing adult hood activities at a young age. Shows use to be innocent and lessons were learned. Kids today are watching the shows that are acted out by adults; the younger the audience ages 7-12 are being influenced by older actions. There has been a remarkable change in the image and roles of children. Some children are publicly pretending to act out sexual behavior. Children are bombarded by the media and are exposed to more negative scenarios than positive ones. According to the article National Association of Independent Schools, 70 % of seventh graders have accounts to social network sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. These children are frequently exposed to cyber-bullying, sexual exploitation, privacy issues and sexting. Television shows are detrimental to children in this society; no subject is off limits. Recently, reality shows have...
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