Apostolic Ministry

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A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of The School of Theology Fuller Theological Seminary

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Ministry

by Stephen B. Addison October, 1995

A Basis for the Continuing Ministry of The Apostle in the Church’s Mission Stephen B. Addison Doctor of Ministry 1996 School of Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary

The purpose of this paper is to establish a biblical, theological and historical foundation for the recovery and contemporary functioning of apostolic ministry in the church’s mission. The main thesis is that the Lord of the church continues to gift individuals for the apostolic ministry of church planting and strengthening. Apostolic ministry is grounded in the fact that the God of Scripture is a sending God who graciously reaches out to a fallen world. Jesus is both the supreme revelation of the God who sends and the perfect example of one who is sent as an apostle. The church is an apostolic people sent into the world. Jesus appointed the Twelve with unique authority as witnesses to the resurrection. Paul shared in that unique authority but also demonstrated that the ministry of apostle continues in a functional sense. The spiritual gift of apostle is given to individuals to equip the whole church in its apostolic calling. Apostles are

called by God, but their calling is to be recognized by the body of Christ. The ministry of an apostle is trans-local and involves both church planting and strengthening existing churches. The authority of an apostle is determined by the apostle’s willingness to be a servant of the gospel and of the body of Christ. An apostles are recognized by their pioneering

and translocal ministry of church planting and church strengthening. Apostles function best as leaders of apostolic bands that are in partnership with local churches. Throughout history various individuals, at the forefront of the church’s mission, have demonstrated an apostolic ministry. Today a number of models of ministry point the way to the contemporary functioning of apostolic ministry. Apostolic ministry functions best when it is conducted in both power and weakness. As such it reflects the dual reality of the cross and resurrection in the ministry of the apostle. The gift of apostle has been given for the church’s strengthening and equipping in its mission. Individuals with an apostolic ministry should be recognized and released to that function if the church is to be true to its calling in the world.

Theological Mentor: Robert R. Redman, Jr., Dr. Theol. Words: 350

TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter INTRODUCTION ! ......................................1 Apostolic Leadership for an Apostolic Church 1. APOSTOLIC MINISTRY AND THE GOD WHO SENDS! ...........5 Old Testament Foundation The Intertestamental Period The New Testament Era Conclusion 2. APOSTOLIC MINISTRY IN THE NEW TESTAMENT!...........37 The New Testament Term The Twelve Other New Testament Apostles Paul the Apostle 3. DISCERNING THE GIFT OF APOSTLE! ....................53 The Spiritual Gift of Apostle The Credentials of an Apostle 4. THE MINISTRY AND AUTHORITY OF AN APOSTLE! ..........72 The Ministry of an Apostle The Authority of Apostles Conclusion 5. WOMEN APOSTLES?! ..................................108 The New Testament Historical examples Conclusion


APOSTOLIC MINISTRY IN WEAKNESS AND POWER! .........122 Apostolic Ministry and Weakness Apostolic Ministry in Power Conclusion


APOSTOLIC MINISTRY IN CHURCH HISTORY! .............144 Historical Transition Patrick, Columba and the Celtic Missionary Movement Francis of Assisi The Reformation and Apostolic Ministry Francis Xavier Count Nikolaus Zinzendorf and the Moravians John Wesley...
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