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Topics: Elections, Democracy, John Quincy Adams Pages: 2 (450 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Analyze the extent to which TWO of the following influenced the development of democracy between 1820 and 1840: Jacksonian economic policy, Changes in electoral politics, Second Great Awakening, Westward movement.

A democracy is based off of the majority rule over the minorities. The development of democracy between 1820 and 1840 was contributed by many factors, but two main factors such as the Jacksonian economic policy and changes in the electoral politics influenced the development exceptionally.

A key element in the development of democracy was through the changes in electoral politics. The death of the Federalist Party in 1824 helped with the progression of democracy. This occurs when there are no more federalists in the congress or as a senator. The death of the Federalist Party encourages the idea of having a democratic president over a Federalist president. Therefore, the elections of 1824 and 1828 were primarily between democratic-republicans since the Federalist Party died. There was also a big increase in the number of white males who voted during the election of 1824 and 1828. Democracy expanded as people who had not been allowed to vote had the chance to vote during the elections. The Second Party System also greatly influenced the development since it was mainly between two political parties, the Democrats and the Whigs. The fight to become the lead political party helped democracy reach throughout the nation.

Another key element in influencing the development of democracy was the Jacksonian economic policy. This included industrialization, internal improvements, and the Bank of the United States. All three contributed to the significance of the development. Tariffs such as the Tariff of 1828 (Tariff of Abominations) supplemented the development of democracy because of what he and the nation believed was right. Many people from the South were upset about the Tariff of Abominations since it caused items that weren't taxed before,...
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