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1. Truman foreign policy between 1945-1952-
I-Aid to Greece and Turkey to defend against communist pressure S- Support free people resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures. 2. U.S. economic expansion post-WWII-

I-Savings from WWII, expansion defense spending, improved technology, baby boom, expansion of consumer society. 3. 1950’s Red Scare-
I-Fear of communist spies undermining the gov’t and misdirecting foreign policy 4. American & Soviet relations between 1945-1950-
I-America to prevent communism created a big tension between America and the soviets. 5. U.S. actions in relation to international political events- I-Iron Curtain-threatening Western Europe, Truman Doctrine- aid to countries threatened by communism, and the Marshall plan- rebuilding Europe after WWII. 6. Truman’s fair deal-

I-Domestic Legislative Plan
7. Korean War-
I-The conflict between Communist North Korea and non-communist South Korea S-The United Nations helped South Korea.
8. Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka-
I-Supreme Court declared the concept of “separate but equal” facilities for blacks and whites was unconstitutional. 9. John Foster Dulles “new look”-
I-He called for “open skies” over both U.S. and the Soviet Union; called for reliance on nuclear weapons. 10. Montgomery Bus Boycott & Greensboro lunch counter sit-ins- I-Montgomery Bus Boycott is a protest by African Americans against racial segregation in Alabama. -Greensboro lunch counter sit-ins is a violent protest which led to Woolworth’s department store chain reverse policy of racial segregation in southern U.S. 11. Characteristics of 1950 homogeneous culture-

I-There were plastic credit cards, new lifestyles of leisure and affluences, new technology of television, new popular music. 12. U.S. interventionism in Iran (1953) & Guatemala (1954)- I-To take out the democratically-elected President Jacob Arbenz, and install some dictator who was more friendly to U.S. 13. Economy during the Eisenhower years-

I-Empowered President to extend economic that wanted to help to resist communist aggression. 14. Eisenhower’s “modern Republicanism”-
I-It was a theory to help the poor and aged, while it trying to limit the powers of central government. 15. Crisis during Eisenhower presidency-
I-Social Harmony; construction of interstate highway system
16. Characteristics of the Kennedy Administration-
I- much of his domestic program was held up by congress
U.S. space program was committed to landing astronauts on moons Trade expansion act set up a tariff reduction process.
Kennedy use presidential pressure to control prices.
17. Black Muslims & Black Power movement-
I-Advocated for equal rights and racial integration
18. Betty Friedan’s book The Feminine Mystique-
I-Discusses women roles
19. Johnson’s Great Society Programs-
I-Won same noteworthy battles in education and healthcare.
20. Taft-Hartley Act (1947)-
I-It was passed to check the growing power of labor unions and close all union shop. 21. Warren Court rulings-
I- When Chief Justice Earl Warren was initially appointed to the Supreme Court, people assumed that he was a conservative who would continue to support conservative values and goals. S- He turned out to be a bit of a wild card, and under the Warren Court, the Supreme Court's focus shifted from property rights to personal rights, with decisions based as much on ethical values as legal precedent.  22. Feminist Revolt of the 1960s-

I-Sparked by a clash between the demands of traditional role of women as wives and mothers and realities of employment 23. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution-
I-It led to congress gibing the president a “blank check in Vietnam” 24. President Johnson’s policy in Vietnam-
I-Gradual military escalation to force North Vietnam to negotiate 25. Causes for the long economic boom from WWII to 1970s- I-It was fueled by reduced...
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