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Topics: Television, Film, Television program Pages: 4 (1172 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Ben Joyall
Argumentative Paper

Over time, children have been getting exposed to inappropriate content at younger ages. This content is most often shown in television shows and movies. The people who show this content are people whom children may look up to and influence. Children shouldn’t be seeing and hearing the things that they are in this day and age. Children are being influenced to do things that are unhealthy and they develop bad habits and manners, and an overall bad behavior. In order to prevent children from being exposed to explicit content and lose their innocence, television and movie ratings need to be reconsidered. Television shows are more mind-altering to children than movies are. Children watch TV way more than movies, so they are exposed to inappropriate content on a daily basis. There has been a huge focus of the impact of media violence on children during the last 40 years and social scientists say “Media violence can encourage children to learn aggressive behaviors and attitudes, cultivate fearful or pessimistic attitudes in children about the non-television world, and can desensitize children to real-world and fantasy violence.” Television shows promote violence as something that is bad, but tolerable. So, children think it is fine to be violent and when they see violence of any kind, it seems like a normal thing. Television should not be promoting violence, it should be teaching kids about the dangers and consequences. Children used to always watch shows that made them happy and included talking animal and innocent plots. Young children are now losing their innocence by watching television and it gives them terrible points of view on the real-world. Children are being exposed to the horrible realities of the grown up world and it completely manipulates them. Movie ratings have also become very lenient and adulterating for children. Children’s movies are now heavily influencing the use guns, drugs, and alcohol. According to Michelle...
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