Article Analysis on the Mission of the Church

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An Article Analysis about the Mission of the Church

Submitted by: Karen Pahunang
IV- Guadalupe

Submitted to: Mr. Henry Pabualan
C.L. Teacher

The Mission of the Church

To Reproduce the Character of Christ
One of the missions of the church is to provide in its members the kind of person that Jesus wants to see. The objective of every church is to produce the likeness of Christ in the lives of its members. Is the church doing that for you? Do you have the humility that Jesus manifested while on earth? Do you have the burning zeal and love for men's souls that Jesus had? Can you turn the other cheek and go the second mile as Jesus did, and as Jesus taught that we should do? Do we stand for the things that Jesus taught? The apostle Paul commanded: "Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus" (Philippians 2:5). That is the purpose of all our worship and work - to reproduce in our own lives the character of Jesus Christ. I once read the story of a preacher who went deep into the interior of China, to a village so remote that they could know very little about modern life. This preacher began to tell the villagers the story of Jesus - how he went about doing good, healing the sick and feeding the hungry, how he lived such an unselfish life in the interest of others, and the people said: "We know that man! He lived in our village." "Oh no," the preacher said, "this man lived in Palestine, and died hundreds of years ago." The people said, "No, this man lived among us. Come, we will show you his grave." With these words, they led the preacher to the grave, and showed him the remaining effects of an English medical doctor, who had "thrown his life away" on this remote village. This man had so exemplified the life of the Christ that when the people heard the story of Jesus, they immediately thought of the doctor. My friend that is one of the purposes of the church -...
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