Article Review: Galatians The Sufficiency of the Cross and Spirit by Michael J. Gorman

Topics: New Testament, James the Just, Paul of Tarsus Pages: 3 (953 words) Published: October 2, 2012
Critical Review of Reading

First critical review to an article by Michael J. Gorman with the title: Galatians “The Sufficiency of the Cross and Spirit” Chapter 9.

Because I haven’t read the whole book reading Gorman “Galatians Ch9” is at first a bit confusing. However, I must say that the reading is very easy to read and easy to understand. Gorman used very simple terms and easy English for his reader to read and understand.

Basically in this short chapter Gorman try to exegesis the whole book of Galatians in his own understanding and research. I’ve founded that there are lacks of evidence of resources, as in not much of references quote in this chapter, Gorman strong sources for his argument in this chapter would be the book Galatians itself, he kept referring back to Galatians and because of that the arguments seemed to be persuasive but at the same time lacks of backing up from others. Many of Gorman explanations in this epistle were unjustified, for example the dating of the letter and I quote on page187 “although no firm conclusion is possible within the range of years 49-55, the most likely date, in this writer’s estimations is 50-55, properly from Ephesus” It would be more convincing if Gorman could give us more evidence about the date and place of written. Over all the exegesis of the entire Galatians in this chapter was not that of rigorous at all.

Gorman definitely give us a clear view on Paul’s message to the Galatians. Anyone who read this chapter will surely get a clear understanding of the gospel, not only to the Galatians but also for the churches today as well. Gorman ended the chapter well with the 10 questions for reflection, these 10 reflections questions are the issue that we are facing right now as a contemporary Christians, especially question 10, and I would like to end this review with the same question “In sum, what does this letter urge the church to believe, to hope for, and to do?”

Second critical review is on an...
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