Topics: Egypt, United States, Elections Pages: 1 (348 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Article-- Morsi: Don't expect Egypt to live by America's rules Web Address:- As this article published in Sepetember23, 2012, Egypt President, Islamist Mohammed Morsi during his first visit to United State said that they will not follow American’s rule in their decision making as his predecessor Hosni Mubarak done. This was the response of Morsi after a wave of violence erupted across the Muslim world over an amateur film produced in the U.S.this film given new tension in relationship of Washington and Egypt. He told that he will behave as Egyptian people wants and along with this he said that Arab also wants to live free in their own land according to their customs and values as American lives. I found this article interesting because it reflects the image of U.S in thought of other countries and what other countries expecting from U.S.

Article - Report: Roughly half of the 2008, first-time youth vote now unsure of registration status Web Address:- Article (published in September23, is about a survey report according to that nearly fifty percent of 2008 young voter are unsure of registration status for upcoming elections. According to this survey young voters who registered in 2008 voting have not updated their registration due to changes in their location. If we consider this data than it could affect the vote bank of President Barac Obama because he won around 66% of the youth vote in 2008. As per U.S citizens youth vote is estimated 15.5 million who are 18-24 year old. This type of situation could be complicated due to new voter ID laws. I selected this article because it about government prior preparation for future elections and it also demanding government’s attention to aware their youth in terms of...
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