Assess the criticisms of the various electoral systems used in the UK.

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Assess the criticisms of the various electoral systems used in the UK.

There are a number of criticisms which can be made against the various electoral systems which 
are used in the UK and the most common one is probably The first past the post system(FPTP). The first past the post system (FPTP) has been considered not to provide an accurate or fair reflection of how people voted and to give all political parties a justified share of the seats. In addition, it is said that not all votes count or are of equal value. This system is said to sacrifice accuracy in favour of a strong government, the compromise of which can have negative impacts. No governments in recent times have got 50% of the votes cast. However, some indicate that FPTP does provide electoral choice in a straightforward manner. Furthermore it can encourage voters to vote tactically rather than for their first choice and often discriminates against Small parties therefore. The winning party can claim a mandate and there are established clear lines of accountability - this can be seen as stable government with one party in power. FPTP provides strong government and that is to be weighted and valued above its drawbacks.

The Closed Party List used to elect MEPs in another form of an electoral system used in the UK, and it too comes with certain criticisms which need to be evaluated in order to judge its effectiveness. It is criticised for giving representation to too many parties too small to govern or provide leadership. The system is also said to break the close link between voters and a known representative or high profile governmental figure. However, it is the most proportional system that we use in the UK and is fair to all political parties; as such votes are not wasted as citizens vote for their first choice rather than tactically. Furthermore, it aids not only smaller parties but helps minorities and women.

AMS has been criticised for creating confusion by providing two types of...
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