Assess the Limitations of the Uk Democratic System

Topics: Elections, Democracy, Voting Pages: 3 (1181 words) Published: November 2, 2008
Assess the Limitations of the UK democratic system
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In the UK voters choose an MP for their constituency. The parties with the majority of seats form a government. This government governs in and through parliament. The UK is under a Representative democracy system, in which representatives are elected to govern on behalf of the voters. It is linked to the idea of ‘government for the people’. It is often called liberal democracy as its distinctive features are: - Regular, free and fair elections, everyone gets the vote and competition between parties. There are obvious advantages and disadvantages and here we are going to assess the limitations of the UK democratic system. Although Representatives democracy had many superior points which give it advantages the actual base of it is not the purest democracy. This means that direct democracy actually is the voice for the people as they themselves are making decisions based on their opinion. Because Representatives like the Prime Minister need to take account of the whole population, they make their own judgement on a decision which means they are generalising the opinion of the People. This also means that Britain cannot represent all of the people all of the time, and because a Representative may have to make and independent decision which is seen as not entirely democratic. An example of something which involves the people immediately with a political issue is Referendums. A referendum is a question, or a series of questions that the electorate is asked to vote on usually over important constitutional issues, as it is a form of direct democracy, it is directly from the people. There are advantages of this form of direct democracy; they provide an opportunity for direct participation in politics, thereby strengthening democracy. Some argue that voters take more of an interest in specific issues than in party politics generally. In addition, they show that the opinion of the people is valued and give...
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