Assignment 2 2014 2015

Topics: Election, Voting system, Elections Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: December 17, 2014

BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma in Public Services
Year: 2014-2015
Hand out date:
W/C 13th October 2014
Assessment No:
Unit No(s):
1 Government Policies
Unit Title(s):
The Electoral process


To continue your work in the community education department, you have been tasked with preparing a report on the current electoral process used in the UK, making suggestions as to alternatives that could be used.

Hand in date
Task outline

W/C 3rd November 2014
Assessment 2: (The Electoral process)

You are to compile a formal report, including headings and references.

The objectives of your report are to;
Explain the electoral process used in a UK (P3)
Compare the electoral processes used in different levels of government in the UK (M2) Use guidance notes overleaf to help you

This covers criteria:
P3 M2

Guidance to Students:

P3 – Explain the electoral processes used in the UK.

You will need to consider;
-The different levels of government and what process of voting they use (national, local, EU etc) -Who can vote
-Who can stand for election
-How an election campaign is run
-Voting day procedures and formalities

M2 – Compare the electoral processes used at different levels of government in the UK. Choose which areas you are going to compare (EU, National, Devolved, County and Local)

To support your writing you may want to include a chart/grid to complete your comparison, look at the differences and similarities in areas such as: -Who can vote
-Who can stand for election
-Voting system etc.
-This is for a MERIT so you shouldn’t just list the point, expand to ensure you cover the M

Understand the democratic election process for each level of government in the UK Democratic election processes: who is entitled to stand for election; candidate selection processes; the...
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