Athorpe Unit 10 Task 1 Types Of School

Topics: School types, Educational stages, Primary education Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: February 3, 2015
Types of School
This guidance leaflet for parents who are looking for a school for their child. The leaflet contains information of different types of school. Governors - There role of the governors is to oversee the running of the school. This could be made up of a group of 10 to 12 people. The governors will be made up of different committee that are responsible for various areas of the school, such as, health & safety, school site. Community - Owned by the local LA (Suffolk County Council). Support will be given to help make links with the local community. School facilities may be used by adult educational or childcare classes. Specialist School - This usually applies to secondary schools and sixth form colleges who can apply for specialist status to develop one or two subjects. They will received government funding for doing this. Specialist Status could include art college, sport college and science college. Academies - This also normally apply to primary secondary and middle schools. Academies are funded by the Department for Education, although they are controlled by the local government . Foundation - Foundation school are run by their own governing body. The governing body also owes the land, school and buildings. Independent - Independent schools are set apart from local LA (Suffolk County Council). They are funded by fees paid by parents. Independent schools do not have to follow the National Curriculum. This usually applies to private, grammar or boarding schools. Voluntary - Voluntary-aided schools will mainly be religious or faith schools, although you can be from any religion to attend. They are funded partly by the governing body.

Trust - Trust schools will form a charitable trust with an outside partner such as a local business. The school will have to buy in any support services it needs. Nursery - Nursery schools are for pupils ages three and four with a headteacher and some staff. Some nursery schools might be state-funded,...
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