Australia's Involvment in Vietnam War

Topics: Cold War, Vietnam War, Korean War Pages: 3 (1054 words) Published: August 27, 2013
The cold war period was marked as an ideological warfare between communism and capitalism. The concept and fear of communism was perceived as major threat to the democratic nations including Australia. Due to Australia’s fear of communism it became actively involved in the Vietnam War. There were underlying factors which led Australia to become engaged in the Vietnam War. These predominant reasons included the SEATO and ANZUS treaties, the domino theory and more importantly forward defence policy. It can be stated these factors will provide an evaluation and analysis in regards to considering whether Australia provided a satisfactory reason to its involvement in the Vietnam War. An underlying reason that led Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam War subsequently included the domino theory. The domino theory known as the metaphor for the spread of communism, however, many historians defined the domino theory as the theory speculated that if one land in the region came under the influence of communism then the surrounding countries would then follow in the domino effect. It was thought that if one nation fell in communist control its neighbours would collapse like a row of dominoes. However in Australia the fright of the yellow peril from the north was substituted with a bigger terror of the Soviet Union’s red flag sweeping a red tide across the world. Robert Menzies justified Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam war with the idea of the domino theory in his speech in 1962 to the Australian public about sending Australian troops to fight in the Vietnam war” the takeover of south Vietnam would be a direct military threat to Australia’. In addition, the concept of the domino theory was also justified and stated in the newspaper, as sir Robert Menzies pointed out, the security of all south East Asia.” It cannot be too often or too strongly emphasized that if South Vietnam is allowed to fall to communism then the extension of communist influence down through the...
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