Australia's Response to the Threat of Communism in Asia After Wwii

Topics: Vietnam War, Cold War, Communism Pages: 7 (2176 words) Published: August 3, 2013
Topic 5 – Australia in the Vietnam War
* 1945, Japan was forced out of Korea – country became divided along thaw 38th parallel. * Northern – Russian. Southern – Americans
* UN arranged for Korean elections in 1947
* ^ allowed to take place in the south – establishment of the Republic of South Korea * Following them the Russians decided to create the Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea in the north * Both sides wanted unity and control of the whole country * 25th June 1950 – North Korean troop - using the help of the Soviet equipment – invaded the South Koreans believing the Americans were no longer interested in South Korea. * NK conquered SK as they were not prepared and soon NK was in control of the country including Seoul * Republic of Korea sought assistance of UN resulting in solders of 15 nations to be involved in the War. * Aus. Airmen were the first to provide armed support to the American troop already in Korea * 2nd July 1950 the fight began to defend SK from the communist regime of NK * This was appreciated by USA as it made the action against communism in Korea a fight for justice instead simply an American war. * Aus. Troops did not consider they were fighting just to save the Koreans. They were convinced that the fight was related to the safety of Australia. * UN forces under the command of American General Douglas MacArthur – attacked the communists in Sept 1950 and captured NK capital Pyongyang * Russia didn’t want to become involved however the newly formed Republic of China was. * They attacked in great number prepared to sacrifice millions of lives if necessary * UN debated problem, American, Australian and other UN troops were being pushed down south. * As MacArthur unleashed poorly planned attack he was replaced and Ridgway became general. * In 1951 when America was leaving, Australia covered them and the fight continued * By April both sides had began fighting along the 38th parallel and for the next 15 months continued with the UN desperately trying to make peace. * 27th July 1953, a truce was signed leaving both countries the same as it was before * In Australia the war was portrayed as a battle against the good and the bad – communism was a disease spreading throughout the world ANZUS TREATY:

* While the war was being fought – AUS, NZ and USA signed a treaty in 1951 * Resulted from a fear of communist expansion in the Asia-Pacific region and Australia’s desire to have America as a strong and powerful ally * USA saw it as an opportunity to have 2 countries publicly taking its side in the cold war * Under the terms of the treaty, partners declared their sense of unity and support of each other if faced by an armed attack. * 1st treaty Australia signed which did not have Britain as a member * Australia began taking a ‘sympathetic interest’ in the problem Asia faced – began a diplomatic presence in the region. SEATO:

* End of Korean War 1953- china established a major power in the region. * Fears arose of countries in the South-East Asia, with their large poverty-stricken populations would rise up and be supported by China to become communist * Vietnam had been a colony of France, but by early 1950s, anti-French forces gradually began taking control. * Vietminh, with Chinese support were able to defeat French at the Battle of Dien Bien Phu * 7th May 1954, US Secretary in State John Dulles announced the need for security arrangement in South-East Asia. * Menzies also saw the need for a treaty that would provide Australia with security and a defence against communist expansion * August 1954 he announced that his government will be willing to be part of an agreement * Included a promise of providing military support to fight communism *...
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