Australian Literature

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Mateship In Australian Literature

Throughout the history of Australian literature, there have been numerous ideologies that have been evident in a variety of films and texts. However no other ideology has had such an influence on the Australian culture as much as mateship. Mateship portrays a notion of equality and friendship and, it is a significant part of the Australian identity. This theme is extremely substantial not only in terms of Australian culture, but also in Australian cinema. The dominance of mateship in Australian culture can be observed through the frequent occurrences in films, novels and texts. One film in particular that explores this theme is Tomorrow When the War Began directed by Stuart Beattie. This film follows a group of teenagers and explores extent of their mateship. In Stuart Beattie’s Australian film, Tomorrow When the War Began, the ideologies of mateship are represented through the reoccurring theme that even through hardships, mateship will always prevail. Beattie’s film, which is based on the narrative by John Marsden, follows a group of teenagers waging a guerrilla war on a foreign enemy who has invaded their home town of Wirrawee. This film is a good example of how Australian films are dominated by mateship. Throughout the film there are several scenes where mateship is clearly evident. This ideology of mateship is best shown in the final scene where the teenagers attempt to blow up the bridge. Despite an invasion by a foreign enemy, and the possibility of death, the teenagers work together to overcome the enemy. This particular scene presents the character Robyn, overcoming her own religious values to protect her friends, as she picks up a machine gun and fires on approaching enemy soldiers. Robyn pushed her own limits to help her friends, which proves that Australians will overcome difficulties with the help of mateship that is evident in the Australian identity. Tomorrow When the War Began is a film that effectively...
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