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AZIM GROUP LTD. is an old well-known company in the Bangladesh garments industry. It was established in November 21, 1980. Since then it is operating its business with a high reputation. When it was first established, it was a small company. However, now it has 22 separate garments companies. It does not sell its product in the local market. AZIM GROUP LTD. exports its product only to USA. AZIM GROUP LTD. has office in Dhaka, Chittagong, Honkong, and USA. Present Situation

AZIM GROUP LTD. currently has 22 companies. All of these companies produce garment product. It has four main offices. They are located in Dhaka, Chittagong, Hongkong, and in USA. It is a very well reputed company in Bangladesh.

Type of Organization

AZIM GROUP LTD. is a group of private limited companies.


1. Provide world-class latest design to our customer.
2. No compromise with quality.
3. To become a company for social cause, contribute to society in various philanthropic ways. The common values of our organization on which we established are: • customer-orientation
• professionalism
• creativity
• team spirit / collegiality


To provide products with ultimate design and uncompromised quality.


Transform the company into a modern and dynamic garments manufacturing company, provide quality products to customers, and explore new markets to promote / expand sales.

Our Product
AZIM GROUP LTD. produces t-shirts, normal shirts, and dress shirts. Pants
It also produces long pants, and shorts.
It also produces jacket and woolen sweaters.

Target Market:
USA is the target market of AZIM GROUP LTD. Although the market very competitive after the quota system is gone, AZIM GROUP LTD. able to maintain their market share. The market share even grows more after that. Promotion:

Other than the efforts put in by the Sales agency, we will even look forward to tie-up with shopping malls. In addition, opportunities in entering shopping festivals will be targeted. A continuous follow-up with the PR agency is necessary for improvements in methods of building a brand image. Tie-ups with Marketing agencies over there will help us market our product in a foreign environment. External Environment

Porter’s five-force model

1. Threats of rivals:

AZIM GROUP LTD. face a huge competition. In Bangladesh, garment industry is most attractive industry. Therefore, it attracts many new entrances. There are also many companies already existing in the market who provides the same kind of product AZIM GROUP LTD. providing. Their target market is also USA. There are also many foreign countries, who export garments in USA. So, they are also the competitor of AZIM GROUP LTD. These competitors also provide quality products. So, this is very tough to maintain the market share. Recommendation:

AZIM GROUP LTD. should differentiate its product from the other competitors and maintain their world-class quality. They also have to minimize their price if necessary. They should target many other foreign countries as their target market.

2. Threats of potential entries:
AZIM GROUP LTD.’s business profit is risky in type because the market entry barrier is low due to the pure market competition. This business needs a good investment with high fixed cost. As a result, it is also a problem to quit easily that means the entry barriers is low where exit barriers are high. It creates another problem, the small competitors has to stay because of the high exit barriers to cause a problem for big ones like AZIM GROUP LTD. Therefore, that AZIM GROUP LTD. has to face extra competition in the market. Recommendation:

To face this problem AZIM GROUP LTD. has to be large to its competitors, in the same time they...
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