Bad Impact Of TV Program On Children

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Bad Impact of TV Program on Children

What Is TV Program L & G ?. A television program is a segment of content intended for broadcast on television.

A program can be either recorded, as on video tape or other various electronic media forms, or considered live television.

L&G Television is not always bad for the kids. These days, there are some very good channels and shows that are an absolute watch for your children. & today, television has some very good shows for the child, like educational shows. These are a great choice for those times when they are stuck indoors. & Television can be used as a tool to motivate learning and increase awareness of public issues. The public television programs can emphasize literacy development. Using engaging characters and interesting stories, shows like “Bolang – Bocah Petualang” and “Tau Gak Sih?”, can motivate children to learn & disvover.

While it has so many positives to it L&G, television can be quite harmful for the children if viewing tends to get out of hand. These are the reasons why:

1. L&G TV characters often depict risky behaviors, such as smoking and drinking, and also reinforce gender-role and racial stereotypes. & it also exposes your kid to negative influences, and promotes negative behavior, such as drinking alcohol, doing drugs, smoking cigarettes, and sex.

2. TV shows usually show violence, alcohol, drug use and sex in a positive light. The mind of the kid is like clay. It forms early impressions on what it sees, and these early impressions determine how he/she sees the world and affect his/her grown-up behavior. For instance, twenty years of research has shown that children who are more exposed to media violence behave more aggressively as kids and when they are older. They are taught by TV that violence is the way to resolve conflict – as when a TV hero beats up a bad guy to subdue him.

3. & L&G Many violent acts are portrayed by the "good guys," whom kids have been taught to...
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