Topics: Meaning of life, Race and Ethnicity, African American Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: February 28, 2014
Bamboozled Commentary
When a person thinks about Bamboozled, many don’t have a meaning for it or just guess what it might mean. The definition of Bamboozled means fool or cheat. Now it’s confusing to get a sense of concept when think of what the movie Bamboozled is going to be about. The movie is base of a character name Pierre Delacroix that works in a TV network and hires two individual men to start in a show that reflects how African Americans “are.” Delacroix wanted to bamboozle the audience but he had also bamboozled the two men. He wanted to prove that African Americans are not people just of humor but they are real individuals that the same as everybody else. Delacroix was also bamboozled; Delacroix wrote the screenplay but later was changed by his boss who wanted more humor and “more black.” At first that was Delacroix plan to go with the others but later on the movie he lost himself by going along with the TV show. Delacroix was bamboozling himself the whole time, he wanted to change but he becoming famous, a known writer was more important to him. Letting the TV show go on let the audience to be bamboozled; they were putting on a black make-up to represent that they are the n-word. Leading this example of the TV show let other African Americans like the Mau Maus that won’t stand up for that show and lead for violence. They kidnapped the main star “Mantan” and decided to kill him. Later Delacroix was also killed but not by the Mau Maus but by his assistant Solan Hopkins. She was also bamboozled by Delacroix thinking the TV show will turn around from the racist jokes and racist acts. In movie Bamboozled most characters were bamboozled id different ways. Even though they didn’t though they were being bamboozled but bamboozling others. The significance of the title did represent the meaning of the movie, but a person has to watch the movie first until you get the meaning of the title.
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