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The genre of this book is gospel. The key theme of John is Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and he is the one who gives everlasting life. Key characters in this book are Jesus, John the Baptist, Lazarus, and Mary Magdalene. The first part of John tells of Jesus’ ministry and teachings. John tells of how Jesus performed miracles such as healing the lame and blind and bringing Lazarus back from death. The story of the feeding of the five thousand is also mentioned in John. In chapters 13-17 John tells of Jesus’ time just before his death and resurrection. Here, Jesus prays for His disciples and for Himself. The last part of the book tells of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here, He is crucified on the cross after being trialed and convicted illegally. Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene after arising from His tomb. He also appears to His disciples.

The genre of this book is narrative. The key theme of Acts is showing the reader how believers in Jesus were empowered by the Holy Ghost to spread His Word throughout the world. Key characters are Paul, Peter, John, Stephen, Timothy, and James. The author of Acts is Luke. The beginning chapters tell of the Church starting from infancy. Peter delivers a wonderful sermon to the Jews. As a result, three thousand people accepted Christ as their Savior. The apostles start spreading the Word to different areas. Luke tells of how Stephen is falsely accused and stoned to death. The Apostle Paul (originally named Saul) has a life altering experience while traveling to Damascus. Before being convicted by the Holy Spirit, Paul oppressed early Christians. The last parts of Acts tell of the gospel being spread to the Gentiles. Paul travels to Macedonia with Silas to spread the gospel. Paul then travels to Jerusalem and gets arrested and is imprisoned.

The genre of this book is epistle. The purpose of Hebrews was to show Christians that Jesus Christ was perfect and...
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