BIBL 104 New Testament

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Summary of the books of the New Testament

The book of Matthew is written in the gospel genre. The key theme in the book of Matthew was that Jesus Christ is our savior. It talks about, Jesus Christ's birth, baptism, and ministry experiences. The book of Matthew is the only New Testament book which actually contains the word 'church' within its writings, which I find that completely amazing. The book describes Heaven much more than the other books within the Bible. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, and John the Baptist were the main personalities within this book. They all played a large role in the book of Matthew. One major part of this book was the birth of Jesus, it was significant because it was the virgin birth. Another major event was Jesus walking on water. This is when his followers acknowledged Him as the Son of God.

The book of Mark is of the gospel genre. Encouragement was the key theme in the book of Mark. One reason why it was written was, it was suppose to strengthen and encourage Christianity in the Roman Empire. It become the most documented book of miracles of Jesus. It also describes how Jesus lived and the ministries he has chosen. A major event in the book of Mark was Jesus being Baptized by John. He was sent down to the desert for 40 days and nights to fast before his ministry. The details of the last supper is also described by Mark within this book. Jesus and the disciples were the major personalities in this book.

The book of Luke is a narrative. The gospel of Luke was written to record the life of Jesus Christ with reliable facts. The key theme in the book of Luke is to describe the perfection of Jesus. He was perfect in humanity and entered into society this way. He was described as the perfect savior and man. In the first time in the New Testament, women are mentioned with great importance. This book brought great details with the relationship that Jesus had with his people. The gospel of Luke also contains...
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