BIBL104 biblical NT summary

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BIBL 104
NT Summary

The Book of Luke

The book of Luke is considered to be a gospel in the New Testament. The main people discussed in the book are Mary, Jesus and Joseph. This book describes the birth of Jesus which is the main theme. The audience of this book would have appealed to all intelligent gentiles and to any believer. The gospel of Luke does not disclose who the author is of these documents. The historical content leads us to believe this gospel was written a few years before 62 AD. This book narrates the story of events from Jesus birth to his ascension. This was written to provide a historical account of events which the write divided into three stages, John the Baptist, Jesus the earthly ministry and third the life of the church after Jesus’ resurrection. All while stating that Jesus Christ is the Son of God.

The book of Revelation
The book of Revelation is considered to be an apocalyptic genre. This book is the final book of the New Testament. The main character if Jesus himself, which this book explains his journey through the years. Many of Jesus’ challenges were discussed in this book during his struggle to reclaim his world, as the message was the end of days is near. The author of this book was credited to John the apostle, he states they were directed to the seven churches in Asia (Revelation 1:4). John was given orders to deliver messages to each of the churches to warn them as well as encourage them to repent before judgment day. Those who chose to follow would be rewarded and those who did not would endure the consequences.

The book of Acts
The book of Acts in the New Testament is considered to be a narrative genre. The book of acts is a continuation of the book of Luke. Due to the narrators changing voice and person it creates a problem to confirm the authorship of the text. The book describes Jesus’s journey to spread the gospel throughout the world by the twelve apostles. The two main characters listed in this...
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